Alyabyev, Alexander

AlexandeAlyabyev, Alexanderr Alyabyev (4 August 1787, Tobolsk – 22 February 1851, Moscow) was a Russian composer, pianist, conductor.


 Alexander Alyabyev was born in 1787 in Tobolsk. How many of the children of the nobility, he did not attend school, and was educated at home and then at Moscow University. He served on the mountain department.
During the War of 1812 Alyabyev volunteered for the Russian army and went to her battle your way to Paris. He participated in the battles, was wounded and awarded the Order of Military Merit. When he returned after the war in Petersburg, he became friendly with the leading representatives of the Russian intelligentsia. Among his friends – Griboyedov, Odoyevski, future Decembrists – Mukhanov, Bestuzhev-Marly. Decembrists’ ideas have shaped the views of the composer. In St. Petersburg Alyabyev began to seriously pursue music composition. Soon he became the author of music for theater, operas and romances, is gaining prominence. Composes quartets and trios. It is gaining wide popularity in the mid-20’s song “Nightingale”- (“Solovey”) in the words of A. Delvig. She still sounded on the concert stage, using a well-deserved love.

 Alyabiev Life was full of vicissitudes. In 1825, he was falsely accused of murder during a card game and arrested. For three years he was kept in prison. Finally sentence was passed – a reference to Siberia, with deprivation of the rights of the nobility. Apparently, the government tried to get rid of the person to be friends with the Decembrists.

 Severe tests have not broken Alyabiev. In Siberia, he works hard, is organizing a military brass band, participates in concerts, composes songs and romances (including autobiographical romance “Irtysh”), as well as symphonic and chamber works.

 A few years later Alyabyev received permission to go to be treated to the Caucasus. Caucasus Nature made a great impression on the composer. Alyabyev listened and occasionally recorded songs of the Caucasian peoples, and later created a series of works on Caucasian subjects ( “Gruzinskaya pesnya”, “Kabardinskaya pesnya” opera “Ammalat-bek” melodrama “Prisoner of the Caucasus”- (“Kavkazskiy plennik”) based on the story of Pushkin’s poem). Then Alyabyev worked on the collection of Ukrainian folk songs. And later in Orenburg, where he had to settle down, Alyabyev continued his work on the study and collecting of folk songs – this time Bashkir.

 In recent years Alyabyev lived illegally in Moscow. Having got acquainted with the works of the revolutionary poet Ogarev, he wrote in his poems some great songs, “Kabak”, “Izba”, “Village watchman”- (“Derevenskiy storozh”) They reflected a heavy share of the Russian people. Alyabyev died in 1851 in Moscow.

 “Nightingale”-(“Solovey”) -one of the most popular and most popular songs Alyabiev. All it humbly and simply. The song is preceded by a lively piano join in the spirit of folk tune guitar. From the first vocal intonations develops captivatingly soft, wistful melody. The broad and smoothly rounded, she immediately captures and captivates its austere beauty. Average in Russian folk songs in minor deviation from the parallel major (D minor – F major) gives the sound of a lighter shade. The lively chorus sounds contrast. It is built on the music instrument of accession.
A remarkable performer of the song was a great Russian singer Nezhdanoff and nowadays Autograph, Pantofel-Nechetskaya, decorate it with passages and trills, and others.

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