Bortniansky, Dmytro

Dmytro Stepanovych Bortniansky (28 October 1751 – 10 October 1825)

Dmytro Stepanovych Bortniansky (28 October 1751 – 10 October 1825)

 Dmytro Stepanovych Bortniansky (28 October 1751 Glukhov, Chernigov governorship – 10 October 1825 St. Petersburg) was a Russian composer and conductor of Ukrainian origin.


 Dmitry Bortniansky was born in 1751 in Ukraine, Glukhov. Even in 1739 singing school was opened in the town, which was prepared for the singers of the Russian court. In seven years, Bortniansky was sent to the Court Chapel in St. Petersburg. Beautiful voice and great musical figures boy immediately attracted attention. As a child Bortnyansky appeared in court opera performances. In 1769 he went to Italy, where he lived for about ten years. Upon his return to Russia Bortniansky he was appointed court conductor, and in 1796 became director of the court chapel. Since then, he has devoted himself exclusively to choral music. A lot of energy put Bortnyansky the choir, all the forces trying to improve the training of Russian singers. The chapel Bortnyansky served for more than thirty years. He died in 1825 in St. Petersburg.
Bortniansky wrote operas, monumental works for choir and, in addition, a lot of instrumental music: overtures, sonatas and pieces for piano, chamber works. His piano sonatas until now have not lost their value. They finished and slender in shape, their music is different melodic expressiveness, calm, balanced mood, smooth development.

 Chamber and orchestral pieces Bortnyansky prepared flourishing Russian instrumental music of the XIX century.

  In 1985 Sumy Music College was renamed in honor of the Ukrainian composer Dmitry Bortniansky on Sumy Higher School of art and culture Dmitry Bortnyansky.

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