Fomin, Yevstigney

Yevstigney Ipat’yevich FominYevstigney Ipat’yevich Fomin (16 August 1761 in St. Petersburg- 27 April 1800 in St. Petersburg) was a Russian composer, one of the founders of the first Russian operas.


 Evstigney Ipatievich Fomin was born in 1761 in St. Petersburg in the family of the soldier-artilleryman. C six years he was enrolled in the Academy of Musical Arts classes. After a brilliant Academy Fomin was sent to Italy to improve. In Bologna, he studied with the famous composer and theorist Padre Martini. Fomina Progress has been highly appreciated. As before, the young Mozart, he even elected a member of the Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna, which was a great honor. Three years Fomin stayed in Italy, and then returned to Russia. Here he began his intense creative activity. He wrote operas, music for dramatic performances. In 1787, the premiere of his opera “Coachmen to set up”- («Yamshchiki na podstave»), or “horseplay by chance”- («Igrishche nevznachay»). The beautiful songs and choruses of this opera is reflected coachmen lives, their joys and sorrows. Among the best pages of opera – choir “High flying falcon”- («Vysoko sokol letayet») – is a treatment for broaching choir songs of the same name. Miraculously, with great ingenuity developed in the final round dance opera “In the field of birch stood”- («Vo pole bereza stoyala»). The basis of the overture to the opera is daring mocking song “The Captain’s Daughter, do not go for a walk at midnight”- («Kapitanskaya doch’, ne khodi gulyat’ v polnoch’»).

To Russian subjects drawn Fomin and several other operas, such as the opera “Novgorod Boeslaevich hero”- («Novgorodskiy bogatyr’ Boyeslayevich»).

In those years, he enjoyed great fame comedy “Melnik- sorcerer, a deceiver and a Matchmaker”- («Mel’nik— koldun, obmanshchik i svat») A. Ablesimova. The music made her first violinist Mikhail Sokolovsky. He picked up the tunes of popular Russian songs and shifted them to be sung with orchestra. At the end of the XVIII century music for the play has been reworked, and the comedy has become a real comic opera. It is believed that the processing carried out Fomin. The opera appeared masterfully written ensembles. Apparently, at the same time the first detailed overture in sonata form was created. In the opera, “Miller-sorcerer”- («Mel’nik—koldun») a lot of bright and expressive solos, such as Philemon song “That’ll sing a song”- («Vot spoyu takuyu pesnyu»), the aria Anuta “If only I, young, sure was”- («Kaby ya, mlada, uverena byla»).

Best creation Fomina – his melodrama “Orpheus”- («Orfey») on the story from Greek mythology, cleverly designed in the Russian tragedy playwright J. Knyazhnin. Music Fomina, full of drama – a wonderful example of Russian symphonic music of the XVIII century.
The success of the works of Fomin did not bring him financial security. The composer had to earn Ha life lessons and accompaniment. Premature death claimed him in 1800 at the age of 39 years.

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