Gurilyov, Aleksander

Aleksander L’vovich Gurilyov (22 August 1803 – 30 August 1858)

Aleksander L’vovich Gurilyov (22 August 1803 – 30 August 1858)

 Aleksander L’vovich Gurilyov (22 August 1803, Moscow – 30 August 1858, Moscow) was a Russian composer, pianist, violinist, violist.


 Aleksandar Gurilev was born in 1803 in Moscow. His father was a serf of Count Orlov musician and directed a serf orchestra. Gurilev first teacher was his father. The boy from childhood played a serf orchestra violin. Together with the children of Count Orlov, he took lessons in piano playing at the famous Irish pianist and composer John Field, who lived for many years in Russia. He studied and composer Genishta.

 The humiliating position of a serf and severe youth left their mark on the character Gurilev. Only in 1831 he called the father received his freedom. Young musician composes a lot, gives lessons, performs in concerts. Great value for Gurilev had a friendship with Varlamov, warm part of which largely brightened his lonely life. On Varlamov melody of the song “In the early days you do not wake her”- (“Na zare ty yeye ne budi”), she wrote Gurilev brilliant piano variations. Life Gurilev there was not easy. Difficult life circumstances were the cause of severe mental illness, from which he died in 1858.

Best known as the author enjoyed Gurilev Russian songs and romances. All works Gurilev – whether it’s “Russian Song”, arrangements of folk songs and pieces for piano – differ sincerity, sincerity, warmth. Especial won the love and recognition of the song “Mother dear”- (“Matushka-golubushka”), “Swallow Sweeps with bluish wings”- (“V’yetsya lastochka sizokrylaya”), “Separation”- (“Razluka”), “Bell”- (“Kolokol’chik”).

 Many songs and lyrics Gurilev based on dance rhythms – the mazurka, polka, waltz. So, the melody of the song “Domik- little woman” in the nature of fervent playing a waltz. On the contrary, melodies of songs “Bell”- (“Kolokol’chik”) and “Swallow Sweeps with bluish wings”- (“V’yetsya lastochka sizokrylaya”) peculiar intimate tone and smooth rhythm elegiac waltz.
“Bell”- (“Kolokol’chik”) song became a folk. It is poetic, warmed by genuine feeling. Far and boundless road stretching before your eyes, sad and pensive song coachman, monotonous ringing of bells. The melody develops in the waltz. Smooth and thoughtful in the beginning, it reaches the end of a dramatic climax.
Creativity Alyabiev, Varlamov and Gurilev – a valuable contribution to the treasury of Russian music. Most of their songs and ballads are included in the concert repertoire of singers and choirs, they love sung by the people in our time.

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