Varlamov, Alexander

Varlamov, Alexander Alexander Egorovich Varlamov (27 November 1801, Moscow – 27 October 1848, St. Petersburg , Russian Empire) was Russian composer, conductor, singer and music critic.


 Alexander Egorovich Varlamov was born in 1801 in Moscow into a family of a petty official, a retired lieutenant. From early childhood, the boy was playing by ear on the violin and the guitar. At ten years old, he was sent to the Court Chapel in St. Petersburg. Excellent voice and striking ability of the boy interested Bortnyansky – director of the chapel. He became engaged separately with a small singer. Subsequently Varlamov remembered with gratitude his teacher. After graduating from the teaching of the chapel, Varlamov became a teacher of singing in Russian embassy church in The Hague (Netherlands), but soon returned to his homeland. Since 1829 he lives in St. Petersburg. Meets Glinka, is musical evenings at his house. Over time, he gets the position of assistant conductor of the Moscow Imperial Theaters.
In the 30s ballads and songs Varlamov gradually gaining wide popularity. In content, they are diverse. Among them are wide Razdolnoe songs like folk lingering ( “Oh time, young days”), thoughtfully-focused ( “Mountain Peaks” “It’s hard, did not force”), or energetic, daring ( “Along the blizzard street sweeps “,” Song of the thief, “” Up on the Volga “).

Songs Varlamov, sincere and simple, truthfully reflected the mood that worried Russian people in the 30-ies of the XIX century: dissatisfaction with reality, the hope for a better future and a desire to fight. These are singing songs “River roars” and “Lone White Sail”.
Romance “Lone White Sail” is written in the words of Lermontov. The music composer is very well conveyed the mood of the poem – the rapid rush of happiness thirst, willingness to fight for it. Maintenance of a romance written in a vigorous bolero rhythm – Spanish dance.
Varlamov has created more than 150 romances and songs, concert arrangements of Russian folk songs for singing school.

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