Kikta, Valeri

Valeri Grigoryevich Kikta (22 October 1941)

Valeri Grigoryevich Kikta (22 October 1941)

 Valeri Grigoryevich Kikta (October 22, 1941 in the village of Vladimirovka Volnovakha district, Donetsk region) – Ukrainian classical composer, professor of the Moscow Conservatory. Kikta’s compositions symphonic, organ, include ballets,and choral works. In 1967-1993 gg. Leading music editor of the publishing house “Soviet Composer” .With 1968 – the member of the Union of Composers of Russia, since 1989 – board member of the Moscow Union of Composers and Musical Theatre chairman of the commission of the Moscow Union of Composers, since 2006 – Secretary of the Russian Union of Composers. C 1989 – Member of the editorial board of the “Ballet” magazine. He played at the World Congress of harpists in Geneva on the theme “Music for Harp in Russia” (2002) .With 2004 – Chairman of the Russian Choral Society (Moscow).

Individuality of sounding, search for personal distinctive intonation, capable of “catching” the ear of an experienced listener – a task for Valery Kikta. “Setting myself an artistic super task when creating a new work, I listened to my inner voice and feeling – to write clearly, accessibly and clearly” – Valery Kikta.

October 22, 2011, at the Moscow Conservatory professor and composer Valery Kikta celebrated his 70th anniversary. Time flies. It’s hard to believe that this energetic and cheerful person is seventy years old. Scientific Music Library. Taneyev, the Moscow Conservatory, organized a remarkable exhibition in honor of the jubilee. And after the exhibition, on October 30, at the full house in the Small Hall of the Conservatory, the author’s concert of Valery Kykta took place. This concert was a real triumph of the composer.

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