Félix Le Couppey (April 14, 1811 – July 4, 1887)

Félix Le Couppey (April 14, 1811 – July 4, 1887)

 Félix Le Couppey (born April 14, 1811, Paris, France – died July 4, 1887, Paris, France) was a French music teacher, pianist and composer. Melody in C (from A B C du piano) is one of his most famous pieces.


Félix Le Couppey was born in Paris. Couppey studied at the Paris Conservatoire with Victor Dourlen. In 1828, he became assistant professor of harmony. In 1825, Couppey received the first prize in pianoforte and harmony, and, in 1828, in pianoforte accompaniment.

Couppey became professor of solfège in 1837. From 1854 to 1886, he taught piano and wrote a larger number of textbooks for the instrument such as École du méchanisme du piano, 24 Études primaries, and Cours de piano élémentaire et progressif.

Félix Le Couppey died in Paris on July 4, 1887.


You can find and download free scores of the composer:


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