• Composer: Frankshtein, Boris
  • Alternative Title: НАВАЖДЕНИЕ (Б. Франкштейн). Финал Сонаты для двух фортепиано
  • Publisher Information: Pedagogical Repertoire for Music Schools. PIANO PIECES BY SOVIET COMPOSERS, FOR TWO PIANOS AND ONE PIANO FOUR-HANDS, Volume 5. Compilation and pedagogical editing Y. PITERINA. SOVETSKY KOMPOZITOR MOSCOW 1980
  • Language: Русский
  • Composer time period: Early modern period
  • Copyright Information: Public Domain
  • Key signature: C major
  • Instrumentation: For two pianos four-hands
  • Boris Semenovich Frankshtein (Born on May-24, 1949 in Moscow)

    Boris Semenovich Frankshtein (Born on May-24, 1949 in Moscow)


    OBSESSION (NAVAZHDENIYE) (Boris Semenovich Frankshtein)

    Tempo: Allegro tempestoso

    At the bottom of the page, you can download free sheet music as gif images





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