THE NIGHTINGALE (SOLOVEY) (Alyabyev Alexander)

Alexander Alyabyev (August 15, 1787 – March 6, 1851)

Alexander Alyabyev (August 15, 1787 – March 6, 1851)


THE NIGHTINGALE (SOLOVEY) (Alyabyev Alexander).

Tempo: Andante con espressione

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2 thoughts on “THE NIGHTINGALE (SOLOVEY) (Alyabyev Alexander)

  1. kainady

    It’s a kind gesture to post music sheest for free and greatly appreciates your efforts.
    Is there is a way to listen to the music; transpose it to another key, say: Eb, and so on?

    1. admin Post author

      We are not yet planning such an option on our website. We are constantly improving Musopus, so it is likely that listening to music will be available to our visitors in the future. Stay updated by following us.


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