Korchynsky Myroslav Titovych (July 1, 1941 – October 7, 2021)

Korchynsky Myroslav Titovych (July 1, 1941 – October 7, 2021)

 Korchynsky Myroslav Titovych (born July 1, 1941, Krushelnytsia village, Lviv region, Ukraine – died October 7, 2021, Lviv, Ukraine) was a Ukrainian composer, teacher, accordionist and sopilka player, Professor of Lviv National Musical Academy named after Mykola Lysenko (2010), Honored Artist of Ukraine (2011), founder of the Lviv School of Professional Sopilka Performance.



Myroslav Korchynsky was born on July 1, 1941 in the village of Krushelnytsia, Lviv region, Ukraine.


In 1965, he received his first education at the Lviv Conservatory in the accordion class (teacher Anatoliy Onufrienko), and in 1969 he graduated from the composition class of Myroslav Skoryk and Stanislav Liudkevych.


In 1968, he began teaching at the Lviv Conservatory at the Departments of Folk Instruments, Theory and Composition and Orchestral Conducting. In 1959-1960, Korchynsky worked part-time as an accordionist in the song and dance ensemble “Verkhovyna” (Drohobych, Lviv Region), and in 1965-1968 he taught at the Lviv Cultural and Educational School. In 1973, Korchynsky became a member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine, in 1983, he became a member of the board of the Lviv organization of the Union of Composers of Ukraine, and in 1995-2001 he was the chairman of the Lviv regional branch of the National All-Ukrainian Music Union.

In 1971, Korchynsky initiated the creation of an experimental sopilka class on the basis of the Department of Folk Instruments at the Lviv Conservatory named after Mykola Lysenko, which lasted until 1976. Sopilka is a wind folk musical instrument most commonly refers to a fife made of a variety of materials (but traditionally out of wood) and has six to ten finger holes, the length reached 30-40 cm. Sopilkas are used by a variety of Ukrainian folk ensembles recreating the traditional music of the various sub-ethnicities in western Ukraine.

In 1980, a special sopilka class was opened at Lviv State Music School №2. In 1990, a special class of flute (soprano, alto, tenor) and floyara (a Ukrainian folk wooden wind instrument, a kind of open flute which has 6 playing holes, its length is 60 cm) was restored at the Department of Folk Instruments at the Lviv Conservatory.

Myroslav Korchynsky – Ukrainian composer, teacher, accordionist and sopilka player

Myroslav Korchynsky – Ukrainian composer, teacher, accordionist and sopilka player

Myroslav Korchynsky became the organizer of the first orchestra of Ukrainian folk instruments in the system of music education in 1970, and he was the founder of the first professional ensemble of sopilka players “Dudalis” in Ukraine in 1980 (now the ensemble “Virtuoso Quartett Dudalis” of the Myroslav Skoryk Lviv National Philharmonic).


Korchynsky Myroslav died at the age of 80, on October 7, 2021 in Lviv, Ukraine.


  • Vocal and choral works with an orchestra – Kids’ Spring Rondo (Vesnyane rondo malyukiv) (1967, lyrics by Volodymyr Ladyzhets), Dido’s Sorrow (Zhurba Didony) (1970, lyrics by Ivan Kotlyarevsky), We Are Going Into a New Battle (My stupayem do boyu novoho) (1981, lyrics by Ivan Franko; 2nd ed. – 2002), oratorio Wandering Through Lviv (Mandrivka po Lʹvovu) (1977, lyrics by Maria Khorosnytska);
  • For violin and piano – Song-poem (Pisnyia-poema) (1965; 2nd ed. – 1983), Sonatina (1969);
  • For piano – Waltz, Dedication (both – 1966), Fugue on the Theme of Jules Massenet (Fuha na temu Zhulya Massne) (1967);
  • For accordion – the paraphrase Neighbour (Susidka) (1965; 2nd ed. – 1992);
  • For sopilkas and sopilka ensembles – Shepherd’s Triptych (Vivcharsʹkyy tryptykh) (with violin and pedal drum), Two Folk Melodies (Dvi narodni melodiyi) (sopilka with bandura; both – 1976), Suite on Ukrainian Themes in Memory of Yakov Orlov (Syuyita na ukrayinsʹki temy pam'yati Yakova Orlova) (1982, for sopilka quartet with bells), Partes Suite (Partesna syuyita) for sopilka quintet based on the examples of the treatise Musical Grammar by Mykola Diletsky, Paraphrase on the choral theme of Yevhen Kozak – Kolomiyka, The Tale of Mother’s Sopilka and a Whip (Kazka pro nenʹkovu sopilku i batizhok) (for alto sopilka solo), Let Every Breath Praise the Lord (Vsyako dykhaniye da khvalytʹ Hospoda) (2010, for sopilka quintet), 11 methodical etudes for sopilka (2008).
  • Solo songs to the words of Alexander Oles – Rye (Zhyta),  Long Ago in the Childhood (V dytynstvi shche davno kolysʹ); The Green Pencil Has Escaped (Vtik zelenyy olivetsʹ) by Volodymyr Luchuk.
  • Instrumental and vocal arrangements of folk songs.


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