Johann Krieger (December 28, 1651 –  July 18, 1735)

Johann Krieger (December 28, 1651 –  July 18, 1735)

 Johann Krieger (born December 28, 1651, Nüremberg, Germany –  died  July 18, 1735, Zittau, Germany) was a prolific German composer of church and secular music and organist, younger brother of Johann Philipp Krieger. Johann Krieger is considered to be one of the most important keyboard composers of his day.



Johann Krieger was born into the family of rugmakers. Johann Philipp Krieger was his elder brother, a famous German Baroque composer and organist.


Johann Krieger studied with Heinrich Schwemmer at St. Sebaldus. In 1661-1668 he studied keyboard with Georg Caspar Wecker. Perhaps, in 1671, he studied composition with his brother Johann Philipp at Zeitz.  


Johann Krieger took over as organist at Bayreuth in 1672, a post his brother had vacated soon before. In 1677, he resigned. Krieger worked as organist at Greiz in 1678-1680 and Eisenberg in 1680-1682. He became Kantor at St. Johannis in Zittau, where he stayed for the rest of his life. His published works are: Neue Musicalische Eegetzlichkeit (1684), Sechs Musicalische Partien (Nüremberg 1697), Anmuthige Clavierübung (Nüremberg, 1699).


Johann Krieger died July 18, 1735 in Zittau.


You can find and download free scores of the composer:



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