Lack Théodore (September 3, 1846 –November 25, 1921)

Lack Théodore (September 3, 1846 –November 25, 1921)

 Théodore Lack (born September 3, 1846, Quimper, France – died November 25, 1921, Paris, France) was a French pianist, composer and teacher at the Conservatory. He wrote many salon pieces for piano and annotated the book Les classiques favoris.


Early life and education

Théodore Lack was born in Quimper, in northwestern France. At the age of ten, he began to work as an organist of the church in his village. When he was fourteen, he entered the Paris Conservatory, where he studied piano with Antoine François Marmontel, harmony with François Bazin and composition with Lefébure-Wély. At the age of eighteen, Lack graduated from the Conservatory.


After graduation in 1864, he was appointed assistant professor of piano at the Conservatory and remained in this position until 1921 (until his death). From 1875 to 1905 he was a member of the committee on admission and of the jury of examinations. In 1881, he became an Officier de l'Académie.


Théodore Lack wrote many salon pieces for piano (Tarentelle, Boléro, Etudes élégantes, Valse espagnole, Scènes enfantines, Souvenir d'Alsace, Polonaise de concert ... etc.). He annotated and fingered the book Les classiques favoris that was published in 1916, and which is still used today by piano students. Lack published other collections of sheet music for piano beginners for which he won Claude Debussy to contribute a piece, The Little Nigar.


Théodore Lack never left Paris after his admission to the Conservatory. He died on November 25, 1921 in Paris at the age of 75.


You can find and download free scores of the composer:


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