Lange-Müller, Peter (December 1, 1850 – February 26, 1926)

Lange-Müller, Peter (December 1, 1850 – February 26, 1926)

 Peter Erasmus Lange-Müller (born December 1, 1850, Frederiksberg, Denmark – died February 26, 1926, Copenhagen, Denmark) was a Danish composer and pianist. He was deeply influenced by Robert Schumann, but developed his own late Romantic style somewhat reminiscent of Johannes Brahms. He composed about 200 songs, 4 operas, 2 symphonies, 2 orchestral suites, a violin concerto, chamber music.


Early years

Peter Lange-Müller was born into a wealthy and musical family of scientists, clergymen and academics. Lange-Müller spent his childhood painting, reading poetry, and studying music with prominent teachers. He was taught the piano from an early age by Gottfred Matthison-Hansen.


After leaving school in 1870 he entered Copenhagen University to study political science. In 1871, he enrolled at the Conservatory. Following piano lessons from Matthison-Hansen, Lange-Müller pursued piano training at the Conservatory, with Edmund Neupert. But his health forced him to withdraw. Throughout his life he suffered from severe migraines, which affected both his personal relations and his musical development.


In 1879, he became conductor of the Concert Society (the only public post he ever held), but ill health compelled him to withdraw from public life in 1883.


After 1900, Peter Lange-Müller composed very little and nothing after 1910. Largely self-taught as a composer, he was highly regarded in Denmark for his ca. 200 songs and his part songs; also composed 4 operas (Vikingeblod, 1900, not successful) and other stage music; 2 symphonies; 2 orchestral suites; a violin concerto; chamber music.


You can find and download free scores of the composer:


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