Villem Reimann (March 19, 1906 – June 8, 1992)

Villem Reimann (March 19, 1906 – June 8, 1992)

Villem Reimann (born March 19, 1906, Pärnu, Estonia – died April 8, 1992, Tallinn, Estonia) was an Estonian composer and teacher. His music legacy includes the opera Distant Shores (1959), chamber and film music. Honored Artist of the Estonian SSR (1955), laureate of the Stalin Prize, second degree (1951).



Villem Reimann was born on March 19, 1906 in Pärnu, Estonia.


His acquaintance with music began with studying harmonica and concertina. He graduated from gymnasium in Pärnu. In 1925-1927, Reimann studied piano in Tallinn Conservatory with Margarethe Finck. In 1933, he graduated from Tallinn Conservatory in composition with Artur Kapp, and in 1936, in piano with Artur Lemba.

In 1937-1938 he complemented his studies in Budapest at Franz Liszt Academy of Music in composition with Zoltán Kodály, chamber music with Leo Wiener and conducting with Ernő Unger.


In 1940-1941, Reimann was the music consultant in Studio of Cinemas and teacher of music theory subjects and chamber music in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 1942-1992. Since 1944 he had been a member of Estonian Composers’ Union. In 1961-1968, he headed the Department of Music Theory.


Opera Distant Shores (1959); for orchestra - symphony (1951), 2 symphoniettes (1963, 1977), symphonic suites Vilsandi (1937), Dramatic Suite (1961); concert for violin and orchestra (1969); works for brass bands, etc.


Villem Reimann died on April 8, 1992 in Tallinn, Estonia.


You can find and download free scores of the composer:


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