• Composer: Dargomyzhsky, Alexander
  • Alternative Title: Опера РУСАЛКА. ДЕЙСТВИЕ ТРЕТЬЕ, Картина Вторая, №16- Каватина Князя (Александр Даргомыжский)
  • Publisher Information: A. DARGOMYZHSKY. THE RUSSALKA. Opera in Four Acts, Six Scenes. Libretto by the Composer after a like-named Play by A. Pushkin. Vocal Score. State Publishers “Muzyka” Moscow 1984
  • Year/Date of Composition: 1848-1855
  • Language: Русский
  • Composer time period: Romantic period
  • Copyright Information: Public Domain
  • Key signature: A-flat major
  • Instrumentation: For Voice and Piano
  • Alexander Sergeyevich Dargomyzhsky (February 14, 1813 – January 17, 1869)

    Alexander Sergeyevich Dargomyzhsky (February 14, 1813 – January 17, 1869)


    RUSALKA. Prince’s Cavatina (Alexander Dargomyzhsky).

    Tempo: Moderato

    PRINCE – Tenor
    PRINCESS – Mezzo-soprano
    MILLER – Bass
    NATASHA, his daughter, later Rusalka – Soprano
    OLGA, an orphan, devoted to the Princess – Soprano
    MATCHMAKER – Baritone
    RUSALOCHKA, 12 years

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