This site contains materials of musical character. Site Name "mus" - abbreviated (music) + "opus" - (work). In it will be useful information for both novice musicians, educators and teachers and masters of this art, virtuoso performers. Collecting from a variety of sources: archives, books and libraries, we have tried to provide the notes of the score, and a biography of the various composers and performers. Filling the structure of the site, we try to accommodate, arrange music scores on headings and sections. Now the main sections of the Musicians (and their history and photos of the work), Educational material (musical forms) and Added new scores (written scores). In the future, we try to add the category of national musicians accessories, time periods works and lives of great musicians. Sheet music are available for free download in helping people with disabilities who are unable to visit the library. If you want to add or change to improve existing materials, we are happy to consider your appeal by mail or Facebook. If you see any errors - write to us please!